SFF Leipzig Vollversammlung 05-2019

Process Intensification and Hybrid Processes – Perspectives of Sustainable Feedstock for Materials Production

Exergy analyses and balances will be used to show how we can sustainably produce the raw materials for the materials we use, such as polymers, detergents, etc., which are usually supplied by the chemical industry. The main raw material is expected to be biomass, as other options such as CO2 from the atmosphere are much more energy intensive and therefore more expensive. Exergy analyses and molecular balances will be used to show which biobased routes are most promising. It will also be shown that the additional land required to provide the feedstocks is small compared to the land area required for food production.


University of Liège, BelgienSart-Tilman, Quartier Agora, Allée du Six Août 11, Bâtiment B6c, Raum 3/704000 LiègeBelgium