Mobility as a Service – A Promising Concept for Sustainable Cities?

—English-speaking Event—

Hey! We are MUNA+ e.V. and our mission is to unify the world by working collaboratively on a sustainable future in every dimension.

In our event „Mobility as a Service – A Promising Concept for Sustainable Cities?“ we want to take a closer look on the very important topic of future sustainable cities and mobility.

Smart Mobility is a topic getting more and more important in a world where the ways of mobility and transportation are getting driven by digitalization and innovation. Smart Mobility involves optimizing transport and communication to consolidate new standards of sustainability, efficiency, safety, and air quality.

Our guest speaker Azarel Chamorro, Smart Mobility Lead at Mirai Share (a major ride pooling platform provider supporting the development of Smart Communities), will bring this topic closer to us and speak about future relevance of Smart Mobility.

The event will take place online on Wednesday, 18 May 2022 at 7pm (CEST)

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