A collaboration Lab on Sustainable Development Goals – SDG Pillar Workshop mit Sustain.ALL by Bengisu Berispek, Manu Prasad, Sevval Aksu (English)

Format: Hybrid (Online + Offline)

Link: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/64898076718?pwd=ZEJuRG9ISkZHSGM0UHlORHpRT1NMZz09 Meeting ID: 648 9807 6718, Passcode: 817278

Ort: TU Berlin, Gebäude SG 12-002, Salzufer 17-19, 10587 Berlin

Beschreibung: In Berlin Universities, there is a lack of a network and sharing platform for students, researchers and professors. Many scientific research projects are unknown for many of us. We have the input but we don’t have a platform to share the input. Our aim for  Projektwerkstatt is to work on local( decentral) projects and creating Sustain.ALL project lab which serve the respective Sustainable Development Goals. We try to find problems related SDG and solutions for global. That why we want to invite you our SDG Pillar Workshop which we will work interaclivy with Miro Boards.

Come and join us and be part of the change 🙂

Think Global, Act Local & Collab at Sustain.ALL.

Weitere Infos: https://www.sustainall.de/projects-7

TU Berlin, Gebäude SG 12-002, Salzufer 17-19, 10587 BerlinSalzufer 17-1910587 BerlinGermany