Climate Youth News @COP

We want to share insights into the climate negotiations with focus on Youth and the Global South.
Daily updates from young activists, scientists, and politicians will give viewers a better understanding of how the climate crisis and COP27 are affecting people all over the globe.

We broadcast in the evening at 6UTC/7CET/8EET on our YouTube account @ClimateYouthNews. A special focus will be to share perspectives from the Global South and Youth.

The program

Each show consists of two parts, each 15 minutes long. The first part will follow this structure:

  • COP Basics (based on the program of the COP27)
  • Daily Summary of the most important news
  • Space for marginalized voices

In the second part, we host a Question & Answer session preferably with guests who are members of marginalized or most affected communities from the Global South or BIPoC. We are broadcasting from the 8th to the 11th of November and from the 15th to the 18th of November.

Please spread the Climate Youth News @COP27 and talk about the challenges of climate crisis! We need everyone to understand how important it is for all to fight together against climate crisis!

More Information

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